We help companies
build advanced front-end.

Building complex, diverse projects

Phytech helps farmers monitor fields online
jFrog provides world-class infrastructure for software management and distribution
Proggio develops a new approach to project management
Unpakt helps people move by finding the best available mover

Our team specializes in complex web and mobile applications and have built projects that smoothly handle thousands of live updates per minute, display complicated charts, custom user interfaces, geographical and medical data and maintaining compatibility with a plethora of devices.

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Code as a product

We guarantee a production, high quality application, exactly on time and exactly on budget.

Spreading our knowledge

Teaching is a part of our company's DNA: we do internal lectures and workshops, speak at meetups and conferences, write books and blog posts.

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Organizing meetups and conferences

Since 2017
We also help organize AngularNYC and VueNYC.

This helps us stay on top of the technology and be connected with the best people in the industry.

Amazing team of 19 developers, office manager, and HR director
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